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30.06.2011 19:52:59


Holly shi*t you almost all still there.

A pace of nostalgy for old, good TFC gaming, I found my way up to my last and best-ever clan website.

I'm happy to see that you're still standing. I'd recall old days with a hudge pleasure. I had the honnor to meet here, years ago, over irc fun, nice and really skilled people. Rasta, Maestro, Desti,Fatmike, Striker.
The succes was more due to a real team than individual skill.

Time is passing, people change, but you all were a part of my life (nights much more)

For all those who remember my "tannenbaum" song on teamspeak, cheers!

Hope you all doing well in your lifes.


28.07.2011 12:42:04

Herbs Army

Oh yeah, the past is calling our names! ;)

Really nice to hear from you, Floo (and the words you spoke were soooo sweet)! Yeah, we are still alive and kicking asses (from time to time). TF2 is sooo different to our beloved TFC, but we get used to it and I love it even when its only a 6vs6 with nearly no CTF...! And you could you imagine that Desti/Dessi stopped playing soldier and started playing scout! ;) was so nice to read your post. I hope everything for you in France is ok, too. And yeah, we missed your christmas-song! ;)



06.11.2011 18:39:49


oag euch gibts au noch, na bum!!! hf gl :)
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