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28.01.2008 22:21:45


Hi from across the Atlantic.

I do not know if you are aware of the match tracking website for TF2 league matches

We are slowly trying to automate the tracking of as many leagues as possible (ESL Germany is auto tracked). For now I have been manually inputing the matches played by Herbs Army, Kompaniet and 4Kings... the top 3 european clans.

I was wondering if someone from Herbs would be willing to keep manually inputing your matches? It is not a difficult thing to do, it takes less than 15 minutes to input 2-4 matches. And we only track league matches, no friendlies.

You can use the "Submit Missing Match" button on the left side of the main page, the link is the following:

I hope you keep it up as I like for at least the top 3 TF2 clans to be tracked via KSE.
29.01.2008 08:09:31

Herbs Army

i dont think that we are top3 in europe atm :-)
29.01.2008 10:03:12

Herbs Army

Right, Ronny!

Blashy have a look at the tables of the ETF2L. There you can find the European finest! ;)

29.01.2008 16:11:55

Herbs Army

Well to their ranking we're Top 3 in the World, lol ;)
And lots of stuff is still missing and wrong, f.e. I can't remember playing 8on8 on Clanbase ;)
29.01.2008 17:54:56

Herbs Army

und es hat sich erst so gut angehört! :P
30.01.2008 06:47:48

Herbs Army

sm00th, wir haben in der Clanbase gedaddelt und das schon ein paar Mal! ;)
30.01.2008 14:48:46

Herbs Army

aber kein 8on8 oder!? :)
30.01.2008 17:43:17


If we have errors, let us know.

Clanbase was 6v6, I fixed that.
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