Team Fortress Classic
7th Place at UKTFCL Season III Premiership
After Tfc getting more popular in the year 2000, we liked to join one of the biggest Tfc-Leagues, the UKTFCL, but this wasn't so easy as it sounds.

Because of lots of foreign teams, which had joined the UKTFCL, the admins decided to select just a few more teams from the European continent for their league. These clans had to play two qualify-rounds against UK teams on the evening before the new season should start. The Army had the chance to participate and we used our chance by winning both matches against [LT] and [LBU].

03.04.2000 050:030 [PGM]
30.03.2000 000:250 [D-walk]
26.03.2000 140:060 [UESC]
17.03.2000 000:000 [SD]
02.03.2000 048:230 [SHS]
02.03.2000 152:176 [UE]
27.02.2000 020:090 [DW]
25.02.2000 030:150 [TA]
20.02.2000 000:060 [tmcs]
20.02.2000 010:090 [DICE]
13.02.2000 080:010 [DHC]
06.02.2000 070:000 [LBU]
06.02.2000 120:000 [AD]
30.01.2000 080:055 [VVV]
30.01.2000 055:065 [~A~]
09.01.2000 140:000 [LBU]
08.01.2000 170:110 [LT]

Kojote, Cadoc2, Rasta, Blade, Malachi, Tigershark, Judge_Dredd, Fr[A]gmaster, RedSox, Nighthawk

Kojote, Anfaenger, Shadow, Voodoo, RealPirate, BlackSox, Deady, Miraculix, -Rep-