Team Fortress Classic
The Comeback of the TFC-Squad
After nearly two years the Army returns to TFC with lots of their old members. Together with Otaku they formed the tag ot[HA]ku!

To get a solid team and full match-setups [HA] merges with the guys from Otaku to get a bigger roster. In this way the team joined the NTFCL for some league matches and a comeback even in organised "tfc business".

ot[HA]ku Setup:
[HA]Rasta, [HA]Striker, [HA]Desti, [HA]F@tM!ke, [HA]mucyo, [HA]SharK, [HA]Steppenwolf
Fritte-otaku, FLiP-otaku, Norris-otaku, Overkill-otaku, Justice-otaku, Sayxas-otaku

Together we tried our luck at the NTFCL for another nice TFC-Season. The future will show, what this "double-team" will achieve there...