Team Fortress Classic
1st Place at GTFL Season IV Div.2
After we only did the 9th place at Division 1 at Season III, we were once again put into Division 2 for the 4th Season of the GTFL.

In the beginning of this new Season it seemed as if our memberproblems were still alive. They kicked us last Season out of the Division 1 and in our first match in Round IV against our friends from [IQ] we still were not back in form. But all negative vibrations found an end soon, because we managed it to reform our team and played one of the best Seasons at GTFL for the Army, winning our Division and even the follow PlayOffs.

25.06.2002 191:112 [TTL]
20.06.2002 120:040 [TTL]
10.06.2002 170:130 [zZz]
06.06.2002 272:112 [zZz]
02.06.2002 100:020 [zZz]
08.05.2002 080:030 [MTF]
15.04.2002 170:020 [AF]
07.04.2002 060:010 [K-Attack]
03.04.2002 160:010 [TEG]
21.03.2002 260:020 [SEG]
17.03.2002 100:000 [ALK]
05.03.2002 130:010 [STS]
03.03.2002 150:050 [EMC]
24.02.2002 100:060 -rX-
12.02.2002 210:120 [MF]
10.02.2002 100:100 [IQ]

Rasta, Hawk, Skorpion, Striker, Apollo, Weily, NiCz, Desti

Agarwal, Sir, Devil, Blade, Duke, Zod, Fiebig, Maestro, h3LLr4z0R, $uri, faSt