Team Fortress Classic
5th Place at UKTFCL Season XV Div.1
After our second place at Div.3 in the 14th Season of the UKTFCL the admins put us upto Div.1 for Season XV. A hard but challenging thing.

And so it was. We had lots of up and downs, beating [Bravo2.0] quite easy on the one day , but loosing to [SND+] with 7vs9 on the other. In the end we managed the 5th place, which was a very good position in the end, if you look over all the member-problems we had during this time of the year! Thx to the UKTFCL for another great Season! We'll stay with you for a further round!

24.06.2004 310:290 -SnD-
17.06.2004 000:040 [SND+]
10.06.2004 010:020 [-M8-]
30.05.2004 110:030 [-]
18.05.2004 030:015 [-]
17.05.2004 130:140 |=NF=|
13.05.2004 120:220 -SnD-
09.05.2004 010:070 [DA]
15.04.2004 080:130 [-M8-]
08.04.2004 160:140 exe.
01.04.2004 160:070 [Bravo2.0]
30.03.2004 080:110 [DA]
25.03.2004 070:060 [IM]

Desti, Rasta, Linda, jutska, Tigris, EvilG

Striker, Dagar, kcR, Maestro, FloO, Vice, rich, Ap0TeX,