Team Fortress Classic
2nd Place at
This July the Army participate at the, which was based on Counterstrike and tried to involve Tfc to their compatitions for the first time.

Out of the fact that this league wasn't really known by the Tfc-Community only a few "real" TFC-Teams joined the Cup between some Cs-Teams. The result were lots of Default Wins and just a few real matches. Overall we just played [TR] to get into the final, where we lost versus one of the best German Tfc-Teams, the [r@ts]Clan.

29.07.2001 010:110 [r@ts]
15.07.2001 260:010 [TR]

Cadoc2, Weily, Skorpion, Rasta, NoRemorse, Kellerlurch, Fr[A]gmaster, Apollo

Duke, Devil, SiR, Dillinjah, Agarwal