Team Fortress Classic
2nd Place at CTFCL Season I Div.2
This winter the international League, CTFCL, was created and we joined it, because we needed more matches beside the CB and the German leagues.

So we were once again in an international competition and this in Div.2, where we had to give our best to reach the upper part of the table. And we did it by winning the most of our games and achieving draws in the rest of the matches, even against very strong teams, like [BK-034] and =mcl=. In the end we had no match lost, but the points were just enough for place no.2, a very good result for the Army and a nice return to international Tfc.

18.05.2003 273:116 =mcl=
04.05.2003 210:010 [IQ]
01.05.2003 173:221 [SAS]
27.04.2003 050:020 [K-Attack]
03.04.2003 020:010 [FCC]
27.03.2003 160:220 [BK-034]
13.03.2003 321:072 [OB]
11.03.2003 070:000 [zZz]
27.02.2003 140:060 -rN-
20.02.2003 250:150 [BCY]
13.02.2003 280:060 [FAB]
02.02.2003 160:030 e^

Desti, Striker, F@tM!ke, Rasta, nasdaq, Xen0n

Devil, jEZ, rook, Maestro, Treusel, porli, faSt, Boo