Team Fortress Classic
3rd Place at V-TFL Season I Div.Beta
Even in 2004 there are still new upcoming Tfc leagues around. In this case the V-TFL, which had their roots in the former Vitality league.

In this first Season of the V-TFL we asked for being ranked for the second (beta) Division and the admins gave their ok for this, after putting us into the first one. And this was good so, because we had to fight with some memberproblems during this season, what wasn't the best condition for a league at all. Nevertheless we made it upto the PlayOffs with the 3rd Place in our Division, but there we were kicked out.

22.02.2004 030:050 exe.
15.02.2004 055:095 [-M8-]
03.02.2004 250:175 [-M8-]
26.01.2004 110:185 [Bravo2.0]
22.01.2004 330:065 [TsK]
19.01.2004 140:045 [-]
08.12.2003 060:060 aS|
08.12.2003 110:000 [HK]

Rasta, F@tM!ke, Desti, Striker, Apzon, sangral

Maestro, jutska, dima, RaZ, Dagar, FloO, faSt, Ap0TeX, kcR