Team Fortress Classic
4th Place at LTFL Season III Div.1
With the third edition of LTFL the Army could celebrate their return to the international Div.1 and the 4th place was overall a great success!

After a very nice start with one draw and 3 wins, we struggled in the last 3 matches vs. at|, [AF] and [SCW], even when we managed a draw with the division-leader. So we were ranked at place 3 with the same points as our Austrian friends from [AF]. A decider match was the solution and sadly we had to give a default to our opponent after we were only 6 members after round 1, which we lost.

06.04.2004 120:130 [SCW]
16.03.2004 080:090 [AF]
24.02.2004 050:120 at|
12.02.2004 300:170 [-]
08.02.2004 070:025 -SnD-
29.01.2004 175:040 [DA]
25.01.2004 210:180 |W0|

Desti, Rasta, F@tM!ke, Striker, Linda

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