Team Fortress Classic
1st Place at IGL Ladder
One of the first Tfc-Leagues [HA] joined was the Iron Glove League, where we played in the European Ladder.

Some matches were played and we needed several titleshot games until we could achieve the title against [ES], but only for one week, because [VC] defeated us in the next match and got the title back.

03.10.1999 238:329 [EFF]
17.09.1999 150:040 [ES]
29.08.1999 030:130 [tmcs]
05.08.1999 070:050 [57th]
15.07.1999 113:309 [VC]
10.07.1999 395:166 [ES]
16.06.1999 020:120 [VC]
02.06.1999 150:000 [C4]
02.06.1999 080:010 [CD]
02.06.1999 110:010 [STS]

Kojote, MALACHi, Rasta, Cadoc2, AsphaltChicken, Tigershark, RedSox, Harimurti, Zepideus, Z[HA]Dum

Voodoo, Shadow, Noemotion, Cloud, Max, Kotan, Blade, Anfaenger, BlackSox, Monster, pREfOLD