Team Fortress Classic
1st Place at GGTFCL Season I Div.1
This year a new German League opened, called Global Gamers and the Army joined their Tfc-Section for a nice GGTFCL Season.

The Admins put us into the first Division and we looked forward this Season, because some really good teams were in our group, what should be a garant for hard and interesting matches. The only surprise was our current form, which let us win all our matches and gave us the first place after a very hot and thrilling final versus |-idc-|.

30.03.2003 140:080 |-idc-|
17.03.2003 100:040 e^
23.02.2003 090:050 [NoVa]
06.02.2003 031:010 |=NF=|
30.01.2003 190:050 [FK]

Desti, Apzon, Striker, nasdaq, F@tM!ke, Rasta

Maestro, faSt, jEZ, Treusel, Devil, rook, porli