Team Fortress Classic
2nd Place at V-TFL PlayOffs Season II Div.Beta
As in the first V-TFL Season we were able to get into the playoffs at season II, too.

With a solid 2nd place after the end of the season we had to face the 3rd from the eastern division for the 1/4 final. This was rJ. a hard opponent for our new team, but we did a nice job and were able to beat them 2 times (strange admin work caused a rematch). After this our old rival from [AF] was waiting for us in the semi-final. Once again we gave our best and achieved a close win against this strong team what qualified us for the final. But here we got to see in which nice condition [TsK] was at this moment. After a 4 map final (2 maps per match) it was a clear win for our opponent from the UK. And this win was more than earned! WP [TsK] and a vgg to the whole team of the Army, which overcame once again big member-problem and rebuilt a new team which achieved such a nice result at this league! Respect to all [HA]-mates!

25.08.2004 150:240 [TsK]
24.08.2004 080:120 [TsK]
16.08.2004 045:030 [AF]
08.08.2004 080:070 rJ.
05.08.2004 120:020 rJ.

Desti, Rasta, SuperSkunk, Striker

Vice, kcR, Hepheastus, MikeFed, magz, Tigris, Dr.Flexyjerkov