Team Fortress Classic
2nd Place at V-TFL Season II Div.Beta
After a very first season at the V-TFL, it was for sure that we joined for the second round.

Once again we were set to the Beta-Division, what was more than ok, because the summer arrived as usual with some memberproblems. Additional some of our members (nearly a whole offense-team) left the Army, what gave us a very hard time. But in the end our team reformed and were able to achieve the 2nd place at our division what brought us once again into the play-offs.

15.07.2004 090:030 [SND+]
12.07.2004 010:070 [BORG]
09.06.2004 480:020 [HoL]
02.06.2004 100:100 [RC]

Tigris, Desti, Striker, Rasta, Linda, evilG, B3, SuperSkunk

Vice, kcR, Dagar, jutska, Maestro, magz, Hepheastus, Dr.Flexyjerkov, rich