Team Fortress Classic
1st Place at GTFL Season II Div.2
Sad, but we had not enough time to partizipate in the first Season of the new German TFC League, but for Season II we were ready and gave our best.

After we missed the first GTFL Season, we had to play in the 2nd Division, where we were not really challenged. All matches and even maps went in favourite for the Army. So we managed to achieve the first place and got our place at Division 1 for the next Season.

10.05.2001 420:020 [FFon]
07.05.2001 250:040 [TTF]
25.04.2001 320:010 [SMS]
05.04.2001 180:000 [TTL]
02.04.2001 219:098 |dark|
29.03.2001 310:000 [TaM]
22.03.2001 240:110 [Sw_Fr]
11.03.2001 170:020 [DT]
28.02.2001 490:000 [SEC]

Apollon, Cadoc2, Rasta, Fr[A]gmaster, Exorzist, eNeRGy, NetShadow, NoRemorse

Kojote, Devil, SiR, Blade, Dillinjah, Agarwal, Feigling