The Foundation of the HerbsArmy
In the year 1996, a long long time ago, in a not far away country, there were 4 students, who we know as "claw", "Mohanna", "Falcon2" and "Tatanka".

They had to work together for a programming project at the Technical University of Graz.
So they rented a small cellar where they had a computer for each of them and connected them to a LAN. After a hard day of work, they began playing Quake1 for hours just for fun..
After a while they recognized that one of them wasn`t very talented in this game. His real name was Herbert (abbreviation Herb). The other 3 students were teasing him:

"Herb is such a bad player, he needs a whole army to have a chance!"

Some time after the students had finished their project and had left the cellar, one of them (claw) got his own ISDN Internet Connection and another one already had a modem. The two students were playing Quake2 together most of the time and one day they decided to start a clan. First they had no idea how to call the new clan.
But then they rememberd the old joke about "Herb", so they founded the HERBSARMY.