Team Fortress Classic
1st Place at TFM5vs5 Season VI Div.2
Beside the normal 8vs8-TFC-stuff, we gave the 5vs5 a chance in the 6th Season of TFM.

After some discussions we were set to Division 2, to collect some experiance in this style of ctf and the new played maps. In the end we did really nice for the first time, loosing only one map at all. Unfortunately the last game against our direct rivals of !nA was cancelled with the end of the season! Overall it was really fun to face a new style of tfc!

21.09.2004 280:030 [UZI]
01.09.2004 060:020 [TFH]
22.08.2004 150:060 -|7th|-
11.08.2004 143:140 -xS-
09.08.2004 180:020 [:]

SuperSkunk, Rasta, Vice, Desti, EvilG

MikeFed, Hepheastus, kcR, Dr.Flexyjerkov, rich, magz