Team Fortress Classic
2nd Place at PMTFCL Season IV Div.1
In March 2003 we joined the Pyromaniacs Team Fortress Classic League, PMTFCL, which already ran their fourth season.

We were set into Division 1 where we had lots of nice and thrilling games. In the end a close loss vs. [XXX] and a stupid Draw against the guys from -Kx- broke our neck and gave us only the 2nd place, but however, it was a great Season.

06.07.2003 100:200 [AF]
17.06.2003 080:000 [UKKA]
10.06.2003 143:000 ~jE~
25.05.2003 245:130 aRF|
20.05.2003 080:030 [NSR]
13.05.2003 090:100 [XXX]
29.04.2003 029:031 -Kx-
31.03.2003 488:055 exe.

Desti, Striker, nasdaq, F@tM!ke, Rasta, Apzon, Xen0n

Maestro, faSt, Devil, jEZ, rook, Teemu, Boo