Team Fortress Classic
1st Place at Clanbase International Ladder
Since 1999 we were in the international Ladder of the Clanbase with more or less success, so in the year 2003.

In the current year it seemed as if the Tfc-Section of the international Clanbase Ladder is dead. Only a few of the older teams are still in it and just a hand of new clans joined this year. However we tried to keep it alive and played as much matches as possible, but in the end only three games could be played, what let us still hold the first place of this league.

14.09.2003 340:050 [TFH]
28.01.2003 280:000 [UHF]
26.01.2003 660:050 [-WsK-]

Striker, Desti, F@tM!ke, Rasta, Apzon

Devil, Maestro, sangral, FloO, dima, jEZ, Treusel, faSt, rook, porli