Team Fortress Classic
1st Place at KTFCL Season III Premier Div.
With Mystral and airbone, two new Spanish members of the Army, we decided to play at the traditional Spanish Tfc-League, the KTFCL.

We were set to the premier-division with teams like -doGs-, dhe][ and [SND+] and though the table wasn't very big the season last for a few month, with only one game every two weeks. From the beginning we had really nice matches against nice opponents and some really close fights. But overall we finished the season without a maploss and achieved an extra point for more than 10 flags on one map in every game! Well played lads, this was a nice season!

29.11.2004 160:060 [NdM]
07.11.2004 180:125 [SND+]
12.10.2004 210:070 -doGs-
10.10.2004 160:040 [oHo]

Desti, Striker, SuperSkunk, Rasta, F@tM!ke, Me1.

Mystral, airbone, Tigris, magz, kcR, Vice, Dr.Flexyjerkov, MikeFed, Klz, Hepheastus