Team Fortress Classic
2nd Place at Nikolausi-Cup
Like every year before Christmas, [conc] organized their Nikolausi-Cup and this time we were invited to play in it.

In the group-phase we did a average job and got only beaten by [FK], but it was enough for the quaterfinals and the way over the semis to the final. But here [FK] waited once again for us and gave us once again a tfc-lesson.

17.12.2002 060:080 [FK]
05.12.2002 070:040 [AF]
05.12.2002 030:010 [TTL]
05.12.2002 050:070 [FK]
05.12.2002 040:000 [NoVa]
05.12.2002 060:000 [UTD]

Xenon, Striker, Rasta, F@tM!ke, Desti, hamb

Maestro, rook, Devil, faSt