Team Fortress Classic
3rd Place at WPTFCL Season XI Div.1
This year we entered one of the oldest TFC-leagues around, the WPTFCL, which already played their 11th season.

So we were ready for a new "oldschool league", but unfortunatly the summer broke our neck. On the one hand our team had big memberproblems, which we had to overcome first and on the other the most teams of our division had similar problems or were even inactive over this summer. So we just played two matches, what gave us the 3rd place in the end. But hey, there could have been more for us! :/

11.07.2004 090:100 [LTD]
24.05.2004 210:090 |69|

Tigris, Rasta, Desti, Striker, evilG

Hepheastus, magz, Vice, kcR, Maestro, jutska, Dagar