Team Fortress Classic
1st Place at NTFCL Season VII Div.Silver
With the revival of our TFC-Squad in 2007, we decided to play Season VII of the NTFCL.

To get a full and solid team-setup we merged with our friends from Clan Otaku and formed the "Team ot[HA]ku" for this league. Together we managed it to win all our played games at this league with only one map-loss. Unfortunately one team of our group (FFS|) went more or less inactive during the season, what didn't allow us to play them in the right time. Could have been the deciding-match of this season!

26.08.2007 120:060 [-]
19.08.2007 090:040 tS/
16.08.2007 210:080 [~X~]
05.08.2007 450:020 [En]
08.07.2007 660:030 [BHC]
26.06.2007 090:040 [c]

Sh4rK(6/6), mucyo(6/6), Rasta(5/6), Desti(3/6),
Steppenwolf(2/6), Striker(1/6), Justice(1/6), leoN(1/6)

FLiP(6/6), Fritte(5/6), Norris(4/6), Sayxas(3/6),
Emin(1/6), darky(1/6), Overkill(1/6)