Team Fortress Classic
1st Place at FTFCL Season VIII Div.2
This season the FTFCL opened the doors for international Teams and so we tried to paticipate in the old French Tfc-League.

We were set into Div.2 with some interesting opponents. After a good start against -doGs- we had to face [FTK], a favourite of our group, in a 7vs8-match, which we lost in the end. So [FTK]s way should be free to the top, but they struggled in one game, too, what gave us the chance to go for the top. And we used it! Overall a short, but very nice season with the best refs and admins I got to know so far. They care for the league and even watch every match! Respect to those French mates!

27.05.2004 100:050 [SND+]
23.05.2004 120:010 -SfS.
29.04.2004 020:090 [FTK]
20.04.2004 190:040 -doGs-

Desti, Linda, Rasta, EvilG

Maestro, jutska, Tigris, Dagar, kcR, Striker, Vice