Team Fortress Classic
1st Place at ESPL Season I Div.2
This Season the ESPL tried a new playing-system, with some pools at the beginning and following PlayOffs for the upper and lower division.

We didn't do well at the group phase, but were qualified for the 2nd PlayOffs, where we stroke back and walked through upto the win of this PlayOffs of this first Season of the ESPL.

03.11.2002 100:080 [TaM]
26.09.2002 070:040 [TaM]
22.09.2002 275:095 [IQ]
09.09.2002 140:000 [conc]
27.08.2002 292:105 [IQ]
08.08.2002 200:128 [TaM]
01.08.2002 304:073 [CU]
16.07.2002 010:120 |gboc|
07.07.2002 269:076 [~V~]
23.06.2002 118:258 [ERA]

NiCz., Desti, Striker, Skorpion, Rasta, F@tM!ke, Gryzor, Weily, Xen0n, Hamb, Agarwal

Devil, SiR, faSt, Maestro, Sandman, Treusel