Team Fortress Classic
2nd Place at MUKTFCL Ladder
Beside the Clanbase we decided to join a second international Tfc-Ladder this year, the Morat-Ladder, also known as MUKTFCL.

The Morat-Ladder was once very known, but we joined it just some days before their way into the inactivity. Very sad thing, because the six matches we played were very nice and we earned enough points to climb up the ladder upto place no.2. More wasn't possible because too many teams dropped or went inactive.


12.12.2002 348:047 [HoL]
10.09.2002 331:129 +H+
18.07.2002 426:110 [FTK]
14.07.2002 273:106 +H+
04.04.2002 230:050 [Bravo2.0]
28.02.2002 390:030 [1066]

Hawk, Rasta, Striker, Skorpion, Cadoc˛, NoRemorse, Desti, Gryzor, F@tM!ke, Xen0n, Hamb

Devil, Zod, SiR, Fiebig, Maestro, faSt, bladerl, Treusel, rook

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