Team Fortress Classic
2nd Place at UKTFCL Season XIV Div.3
After our first partizipation at the UKTFCL in Season III we returned to this big European League in Round XIV.

We were set into Div.3 where we were able to bring our in form again. The season was very long with lots of matches, often we played even twice a week and from time to time we struggled. So against [TsK], who wins the division later, where we had only 7 members around and kicked ourselves from the throne. All in one, a very nice and good season, but that's UKTFCL.

12.01.2004 080:030 [TEG]
17.12.2003 205:195 rJ.
14.12.2003 290:000 -pS-
01.12.2003 130:080 [-WsK-]
25.11.2003 160:020 -Ti-
20.11.2003 220:000 [-LOD-]
18.11.2003 240:000 [NSA]DK
13.11.2003 120:060 [MLNW]
11.11.2003 280:140 omg.
04.11.2003 014:122 [TsK]
27.10.2003 140:000 [EJW]
22.10.2003 070:130 [MOFO]
16.10.2003 170:020 [BDS]
12.10.2003 070:020 [*I-G*]

Rasta, Striker, Desti, F@tM!ke, Apzon

faSt, FloO, Maestro, porli, Devil, DMC, dima, sTyLa, jutska, Dagar, RaZ, sangral