Team Fortress Classic
3rd Place at DTFCL Season I
In the beginning of September 1999 the Army joined the first "only" German League, the "Deutsche Team Fortress Liga", short DTFCL.

After a great start into this first season, we were able to qualify us for the semi-finals, where we were beaten by the uprising team of [D-Walk]. So we had to play for the 3rd place against [YWC], which we could win in the end with 080:010 on 2fort and well.

14.11.1999 080:010 [YWC]
07.11.1999 151:275 [D-walk]
31.10.1999 171:135 [HF]
22.10.1999 265:038 [DSF]
01.10.1999 308:109 [ERA]
26.09.1999 220:010 [G-sus]
19.09.1999 353:096 [GoE]

Kojote, MALACHi, Tigershark, Cadoc2, Zepideus, Rasta, RedSox, AsphaltChicken, Cloud

Shadow, Kotan, Anfaenger, Voodoo, BlackSox, Blade, Monster, RealPirate