Homepage: TFC Squad
Finally we got it with the May of 2004 the Army had found a new "internet home", which took a very long time to develop.

I think it was in January 2003 when we planed a new webby for our team, because the "old" page from '2001 got boring. But after some first tries in design and graphics, we put those developments resignated beside, because nothing fit in the way we wanted it. Then jez designed a new layout for the webby and we started working again, but not for long. It took nearly a whole year until the old stuff came back to daylight again. But then Striker did a very nice job and developed our intern board in the new homepage style and started the work with the new page again, caring for all the script and db stuff. In the end it was May'04 and all could go online. So we found a new home and for the first time the Army owns a page which works for multisquads. So the future can come!

jEZ, Rasta, Devil

Striker, Devil