Herbs Army vs. Winners in nothing
Date: 07 August 2012
Time: 22:00 CET
League: Friendly Red Squad
Players: 6 vs 6
Roster HA: Enemy, Gargamel, Desti, fex-appeal, Rasta, Mauzi
Roster [Win]: GustPT, ser mais leve, Jota, Intestinal Bleeding, Rudd, Sharpshooter, El muchacho
  Map1 Map2 Map3
Map: tf2_CP_badlands
Score: 007:003
Score in % [70:30]
Final score: 007:003
 Report by [HA]Rasta
1) League-matches didn't end with 5 points on one side! ;)
2) The match is over after the time of the half ends! ;)
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