Herbs Army vs. Won't Accept Rape
Date: 03 April 2012
Time: 20:30 CET
League: WPTFCL
Players: 6 vs 6
Roster HA: Pagan, Desti, fex-appeal, Nose, Rasta, Freakout, Enemy
Roster war.: Gary, Pataqueiro, ykcud, Sephiroth, Pedobear, ea.Starved, ASG.Bomb Apolo (Merc!)
  Map1 Map2 Map3
Map: cp_gullywash tf2_CP_badlands
Score: 005:000 006:002
Score in % [100:0] [75:25]
Final score: 011:002
 Report by [HA]Rasta
Our first playoff-match during this season, turned out to be a very strange match! We played an opponent who won every(!) map in their division and so we expected a hard game against a strong team... But this wasn't the game we got tonight.

Why? I don't know if it's normal to moan around and offend the opponent constantly when loosing a match and seeing the reason for this in a bad server (which turned bad after loosing rounds while having the same conncetion). I don't know if it is quite normal to offend and declare that you can get a default win, cause the other team is unfriendly. And I don't know how a team can stand a league without having the right cfg on the server and using a merc without asking the other team (Bomb at 2nd map)...

So in the end just a WP to my mates! Now we are going for plan-B in the playoff-final. At least some good news, cause this time I'm sure, we will meet more "professional" gaming! ;)
cp_gullywash tf2_CP_badlands
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