Herbs Army vs. Team unexist
Date: 12 February 2012
Time: 21:30 CET
League: Friendly Red Squad
Players: 6 vs 6
Roster HA: Pagan, Rasta, Nose, Enemy, LG, Natzgul
Roster unexist: Abra, BLW, Kensiq, Fire, maloi, Mina
  Map1 Map2 Map3
Map: tf2_CP_badlands
Score: 002:005
Score in % [28:71]
Final score: 002:005
 Report by [HA]Rasta
Russian Div1 players who are looking for a div5/6 team at irc... not much to say, cause this show how ridiculous this guys are...Shame to Team uneXist and blame to this players!
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