Herbs Army vs. Team Aimless
Date: 05 February 2012
Time: 21:00 CET
League: ETF2L
Players: 6 vs 6
Roster HA: Pagan, Desti, LG, Nose, Enemy, Freakout
Roster Aimless: Kraftas, inti, Tardus, Keeway, Fabio93, ?
  Map1 Map2 Map3
Map: cp_snakewater cp_gullywash
Score: 005:000 005:000
Score in % [100:0] [100:0]
Final score: 010:000
War History vs. Team Aimless
Rating Date Opponent Country Players Maps Result Report Screens
03-01-12 Aimless 6 vs 6 1 007:003 View Warreport View Screenshots

 Report by [HA]Rasta
I think I missed a "great" match-experience, but at least there are two demos which show how people can behave and damage a name of a team. Cause our opponent gave a good example for a "young" and "wild" team with members who can not control the things they say...

In the end the game ended in favourite for us and the opponent got some penalty-points for their behaviour! The first time that I have to say "Well done, ETF2L"! And the core team of [ScS] showed that they don't want such things in their rows and sent us their excuse, too! This "cleans" the impression of the clan for sure! Thanks for this!

Overall a few guys had to learn that "league business" is more than just playing, but also about behaving and getting a team in a condition to play in such a form! ;)
cp_snakewater cp_gullywash
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